EZ Change Dog ID Clip with Silencer

by Coastal

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EZ Change® Dog ID Clip with Silencer

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  • Includes Silencer to reduce tag jingle.

  • Built-in clasp eliminates broken nails and pinched fingers, and easily attaches to the collar D-ring.

  • Allows you to quickly change tags from collar to collar, or switch out old tags with new info.

  • Sturdy design keeps tags secure, and the nickel material will not rust.

  • Comes in a set of two so it's great for multi-dog households or dogs with multiple collars.

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Simplify the process of updating your dog's identification tags with the EZ Change ID Clip with Silencer, a solution designed for convenience and efficiency. With these user-friendly clips, changing identification tags becomes a swift and hassle-free task. The tangle-free design ensures that you can effortlessly move the clips from one collar to another, whether it's to update the collar or switch out tags with fresh information. These clips seamlessly attach to the collar's D-ring, allowing for quick identification of your pet. The added silencer serves as a thoughtful addition, minimizing noise when multiple tags are attached to the ID clip. This contributes to a more peaceful and comfortable experience for both you and your pet. Experience the ease and practicality of the EZ Change ID Clip with Silencer, a tool that streamlines the process of managing your pet's identification while considering their comfort and your peace of mind.


Ideal for everyday use.