Walk 'n Train Dog Head Halter

Walk 'n Train!® Dog Head Halter

Our Walk 'n Train Head Halter features pressure and release action that control the head so the body will follow....Read More


Trains your dog to walk right. Available in six sizes to fit most dogs. Quality Guaranteed.


Great training and walking aid for dogs.

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Product Description

Our Walk 'n Train Head Halter features pressure and release action that controls the head so the body will follow. Easy instruction tabs included for ease of use. A safety strap is included for added security. Available in XSM (0) collar 10-13" snout 4-5", SML (1) collar 13-17" snout 4-6", MED (2) collar 14-19" snout 5-7", LRG (3) collar 15-20" snout 7-9", XLG (4) collar 17-24" snout 9-12" and XXL (5) collar 22-30" snout 12-15".


It makes me do what my Dad wants me to do.
Only draw back is it takes Dad a little long to get it on. And for me I have to go and do what he wants. I can't get the darn thing off over my nose like the other kind he tried. I don't like it but, Dad sure likes it a lot!
Happy with this one
Edith King
Really good for our strong puller. Comfortable padded nose piece. Doesn't bother the eye like Gentle Leader.

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Also, the measurements are on the back of the package.
Product really works!
I have tried a few different shoulder type harness products in the past. None of them really worked. This thing is amazing. My dog wasn't happy to put it on at first but she quickly got used to it. I now happily walk with my dog at my side and not pulling at all.

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