Quality Guaranteed. Lightweight and durable with a breakaway buckle to release for cat's safety.


Ideal for fashionable cats and everyday use. Not to be used with a leash or tie-out.

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Our Fashion Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collar is lightweight and durable with a breakaway buckle for cat safety and a color-coordinating bell for style. Adjusts from 8-12". This collar is designed to release if a cat's collar gets caught, allowing it to slip free and stay safe. Do not use with leash or tie-out.


Cat breakfree. Collar
Janet cohren
The best! Attractive durable lightweight narrow works easily to free
Does the job!
I have used these for years with my foster kittens. They have worked great, and even last a while with kittens chewing on them (They love to play with each other's collars). They have come off if the kittens tug hard enough, so I can imagine a grown cat will easily get them off if they get stuck somewhere.

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