Rascals Latex Spiny Ball Dog Toy

Rascals® 2.5" Latex Spiny Ball Dog Toy

Our Rascals 2.5" Latex spiny Ball Dog Toy is the natural choice for puppies and dogs....Read More


Non-toxic and safe. Inline squeakers for maximum safety. Quality Guaranteed.


Ideal for everyday use. Pet must be supervised while playing with toys. If toy becomes damaged, discard immediately.

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Product Description

Our Rascals 2.5" Latex Spiny Ball Dog Toy is the natural choice for puppies and dogs. With just the right amount of firmness, this toy features an inline squeaker for maximum safety. All of our non-toxic dog toys are designed for hours of playful fun.


My dogs favorite toy
Flavia Orrostieta
This is my dogs favorite toy. We drive to several H-E-Bs to look for it. I wish we could buy this online.
My fur babies favorite
Clara Watkins
This is my boys favorite ball, have bought it several times thru Amazon. However the quality of the product is getting worse, the first ball I bought lasted a year. The next three I bought didnt last but 2 weeks, this last. 3 pack I bought thru Amazon, one already came split, the seams are getting worse, you really need to check your quailty review coming off the line, because paying $11 + for 3 latex balls is high for a dog toy that is broken on receipt, or breaks within one day because the production quality is not up to par. It will be the last time I buy these for m6 boys until I can see that it improves, its too bad because as I said, my boys love these balls....., but Im not going to keep throwing my money out for a bad product.

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