Mega Turbo Replacement Scratch Pad

Mega Turbo™ Replacement Scratch Pad

SKU # 88926 NCLCAT
Our Mega Turbo Replacement Pads fit the Mega Turbo Cat Toy....Read More


Replacement Pads for the Mega Turbo Cat Toy.


Will keep cats entertained for hours!

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Product Description

Our Mega Turbo Replacement Pads are to be used with the Mega Turbo Cat Toy to keep the fun going after the first one needs to be replaced. Gives your cats a fresh new surface for more hours of fun. Catnip included.


Great toy
My cats love this product
My cats love this product. However, my local pet places don't carry the inserts anymore. I am trying to get one of the local to carry them again.
been looking for YEARS
marilyn youman
I've had this cat toy through 3 cats now (over 15 years) and have been jerry-rigging replacement pads because I cannot find new ones anywhere. The ones on line have NO MEASUREMENTS! Your 14" is Exactly what I need!! My Maine Coon hates the smaller turbos because the ball is at the top of the toy. My older turbo has a short cover over the top, and the ball is only visible from the side. Can you mail a couple of refills? Whatever the cost!

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