Bergan Dog Comfort Carrier
  • Bergan Dog Comfort Carrier
  • Bergan Dog Comfort Carrier
  • Bergan Dog Comfort Carrier
  • Bergan Dog Comfort Carrier
  • Bergan Dog Comfort Carrier
  • Bergan Dog Comfort Carrier

Bergan® Comfort Carrier™

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Our Comfort Carrier has a practical design, which creates stress free traveling. The Comfort Carrier is airline compatible and comes in sizes small and large....Read More


Bergan Comfort Carrier. Quality Guaranteed.


Helps your pet travel in comfort.

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Product Description

Our Comfort Carrier has a practical design, which creates stress free traveling. Its generous mesh panels ensure maximum breathability. This carrier also includes a washable fleece travel bed and light tan interior for a cushioned and cool ride. Small - 16"L x 8"W x 11"H and Large - 19"L x 10"W x 13"H. The Pet Connect feature gives your pet comfort on the go and the seat belt loop secures the carrier in the car. The Comfort Carrier is airline compatible.


Dog carried
This carrier is great if you're traveling! It's easy to carrier and very light. I have it in a size small for my 4 pound toy poodle. He would not fit in this size if he was any bigger. I find that the sides do tend to cave in after a bit as well, but it seems to be okay because it is soft sided.
Purrfect for my small cat!
I bought the small size for my 9 month old kitten. I wasn't sure of his weight but it looked like the right size because he is very small. When I put him inside he was squished and had a hard time turning around, but he fell asleep in it right away. He really loved it. Knowing he will still grow I thought I should get the larger size. I put him on my scale and he weighed 11.5 lbs. I returned it without any issues and exchanged it for the large size. As soon as he saw the new one he was all over it. I opened the side for him and he went in, turned around a couple of times then went to sleep. He isn't squished, and there is still room for him to grow. He never sleeps in the cat bed I bought him but sleeps in this all the time. This is a great carrier! It is easy to carry and the seat belt loops are such a wonderful safety feature. I highly recommend this carrier. I only wish I had been able to find it in the black/brown colour but the berry is growing on me.

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Great customer service
Called the day after I'd purchased the large comfort carrier out of town. Deb was so helpful. I explained the ends buckled inward & stitching around inner zipper were very sharp & poorly sewn. She said she was sorry & would check one out before the replacement was sent. Hoping it will be fine. I love the ease of carrying our little 6lb Yorkie & love the safety of having her seat belted in her carrier on the front seat where I can pet her now & then. I wouldn't want a much bigger dog in here as she just fits. I'm believing this will be a quality product. Will follow up.
Excellent Carrier. Practical Design. My dog LOVES it.
My little one is a 5lb Yorkie. He absolutely LOVES this carrier. It's very sturdy so it doesn't collapse on the sides. The small size gives him enough room to move and turn around so he's not cramped inside. I love the extra pockets for storing his essentials. Also the shoulder strap has a couple different attachment options which makes traveling so much easier. We've flown several places using this carrier. It makes him feel so secure that he uses it daily as a bed if I'm out of the house. I'm hoping to purchase a second one to have at the office for him.

The only flaw is the inside seam of the side panel zipper. It's rough/sharps so if I reach in, it leaves scratch marks on my hand.

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