Bergan® Auto Hammock Seat Protector

Bergan® Auto Hammock Seat Protector

The Bergan® Auto Hammock Seat Protector prevents your dog from slipping during travel and is easy to clean with its durable, machine-washable material....Read More


Machine-washable material Soft but durable fabric Neutral colors designed to match popular interiors


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Product Description

Keep your seats clean even after the muddiest adventures with the Bergan® Auto Hammock Seat Protector! You'll have peace of mind knowing the hammock will keep your dog safe and comfortable while traveling to your next outdoor excursion. The hammock prevents your dog from slipping or flying forward during abrupt breaking, keeping your travel buddy safely in place. Our new seat protector is designed to keep dirt, water and fur off of your seats. Clean easily with the protector's quick removal design and machine-friendly material. Plus, the material is durable enough to withstand scratching and chewing, maintaining its sleek appearance. Choose from our entire selection of modern, neutral colors and get going on your next adventure!


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