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Why Mixed Breeds Rule: a Reminder for National Mutt Day

December 2 is National Mutt Day, which has been celebrated twice a year on July 31 and December 2 since 2005. According to event founder Colleen Page, this holiday is all about “embracing, saving and celebrating mixed breed dogs.”


While more than half of all dogs in the USA are mixed breeds, up to 80% of shelters dogs are represented by all-American mutts. So, when thinking of getting a dog, here are some great reasons why you should consider a mutt.

Mixed breed dogs are unique in both looks and personality. They are easy to find and offer endless choices. Mutts tend to be healthier, better behaved and live longer while still performing the same activities as many purebred dogs. In 2014, Westminster Kennel Club began to include mixed breed dogs in its agility competitions. They tend to make better family pets, too, as their breed-centric compulsions are more muted making them easier to handle and often easier to train.

Not only are mixed breeds less costly to acquire than their purebred counterparts, experts have confirmed they tend to be healthier and therefore incur fewer medical expenses. In 2013, a study in The Veterinary Journal found that mixed breed dogs live on average 1.2 years longer than pure breeds.

So, in honor of National Mutt Day, consider visiting a shelter or adopting a mixed breed dog. If you are unable to adopt, you can always volunteer or donate to help mutts find their forever homes. Be sure share pictures of your all-American dogs on social media for #nationalmuttday and encourage others to join in to remind us all why mixed breeds rule.