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Training with Chain and Nylon Dog Collars

Choosing the right training collar is the secret to an enjoyable training experience.Chain And Nylon Training Dog Collars

Training with chain is a safe, effective tool with proper use. Chain training dog collars offer a great choice for dogs that need the maximum strength that chain offers. They are argon welded and chrome plated for durability. Prong dog collars simulate a natural pinch on the neck from the dog’s mother to correct unwanted behavior. Chain dog leashes are excellent for dogs that tend to chew on nylon leashes. Chain will not tarnish, rust or break but should not be used for tie out. Remember, you are training the dog to react to the crisp sound of the chain.

The Check Training Collar™ has a limited-closure chain combined with a nylon collar and is also available with a convenient buckle.  Nylon training dog collars offer an alternative to chain. Round nylon training collars are perfect for dogs with sensitive skin. The limited-closure No Slip® collars, with and without buckle, are excellent for dogs that easily slip their collar. Nylon collars also provide gentle correction training that is an excellent way to build a relationship with your dog.  They’re an excellent choice for owners that want a wide variety of color and size options.

Make sure to use these products property to maximize the training experience.  Coastal pet offers several training products and demonstrational videos on how to use the products correctly.