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Take Your Dog To Work Day

The week of June 19th is one giant party for those of us who own dogs. We kick the week off with National Dog Party Day on the 21st and continue the party with Take Your Dog To Work Day on the 23rd. For those of you who own rambunctious dogs, I am sure this week is sounding like a lot of work but I assure you your dog will quickly become the life of the office party. Many dogs got to celebrate "take your dog to work day" today with a special trip to their best friend's workplace. At Coastal Pet, our pets get to visit many days throughout the year for product testing and photo shoots. Here are a few dogs who visited with us recently.

Zoe is a three-and-a-half-year-old Great Dane who will make you question if you’re really as tall as you thought you were. Nothing says fun like having a dog in the office that is taller than your desk. Thankfully for us, Zoe was relaxed during her day spent at the office. She is as sweet as can be and was quite the helper when it came down to making Instagram cut outs for an upcoming event. She even offered up her leg in place of a ruler. She stayed close to her owner’s desk and was quite the trooper when co-workers came by to visit and commented on her size. She rounded off her day with a quick photoshoot on Coastal’s front lawn.


Hyperactive was taken to a whole new level with Mako in the office. She zipped in and out of offices and pulled toys out of boxes we didn’t even know existed. Despite her puppy ways, she was a hoot to have around. Mako is a 4 month old English Springer Spaniel puppy who may be energetic but is also cuddly to the core. While in the office, she took a field trip to a local state park for a full day photoshoot. She posed pretty, ate dirt and made some new furry friends along the way. By the end of the day she was happy to sleep and rest up for the next day’s adventures.

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Mr. Dog
Theo, or Mr. Dog as he is called by his owner, was thrilled to be at the office. He sniffed, explored and found his home in his owner’s office chair. His typing skills leave something to be desired, but he provided the moral support the office needed to get things done. Mr. Dog even had a mini doggie playdate with Gracie, another Goldendoodle while in the office. He left the office with not only new friends, lots of loving, and tired eyes but he also left with a new Coastal toy.

 Mr Dog