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Social Petworking

Social networking is prevalent in today’s society, but this domain is no longer dominated by humans. Pets are not only appearing in random posts or embarrassing videos on YouTube, but now have their own accounts where they share their activities and favorite products. The whole month of June is dedicated to recognizing the use of social networking by our favorite companions.

There are a wide variety of accounts and personalities throughout the social petworking realm. Some accounts are owners sharing their pet, while others are from the perspective of the pet. Social petworking can even be used to draw attention to important topics in the pet world, such as finding homeless pets forever homes or reconnecting a loss pet with its owner. These accounts are trying to gain a larger audience to share their message with people and companies who can relate and/or help. Coastal Pet reaches out to some of these accounts to help spread awareness of some of the awesome products we make and to stay in contact with real life users of the product to get great feedback. Here is a list of just a few of our great models who social petwork on Instagram:

 Ronan (2)

1. ronanthebrave

Ronan is a 5-month-old Vizsla puppy who shares posts of his daily adventures around the greater Toronto area. With his young age and endless energy, adventures are a common part of Ronan’s life, which can clearly be seen throughout his Instagram. Some of his favorite items are the K9 Explorer® Reflective Harness, Soy Adjustable Collar and Bergan® Collapsable Travel Bowl which are great for his hikes throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Elwood and Ozzy_1Elwood and Ozzy_2

 2. elwoodandozzy

This next social media duo are English Bulldog brothers Elwood, 5 years old, and Ozzy, 6 months old. While they like going on walks to prepare for warmer weather, they also know how to enjoy a good power nap. How else are you suppose to stay awake for those crazy additional innings during the World Series, where Elwood and Ozzy’s favorite team, the Chicago Cubs, finally won?! Continuing with the importance of comfort, Elwood and Ozzy also enjoy going out in style in their Coastal® Reflective Wrap Adjustable Harness that not only offer comfort but safety on those nightly walks to the park.


3. pumpkinthebengal

Pumpkin is an energetic Bengal kitty that gets his name from his birthday being the day before Halloween. He likes to be in constant motion and climbing on anything he can. His account is full of adorable videos of his antics, some favorite videos include the ones of him flicking his cute little tongue for endless entertainment. While indoors, he is captivated by the Mega Turbo™ Scratcher and loves how it has two engaging sides for twice the fun. When he is on the go, he finds the Bergan® Comfort Carrier™ to meet his comfort and style needs.



This account is all about a Lab and Hound mix named Charlie that features all the fun he gets into on his farm and his other travels. As his username references, Charlie would like to spend as much time as possible outside in the sunshine to see what the day has to offer. Since he is busy keeping an eye on everything while also having tons of fun with his friends and family outside, he relies on his Sublime® Collar and Leash. This way he knows his collar has the strength to withstand his many activities and dirt in his life while also providing him with a stylish and funky option.


5. keepingupwiththeodor

Theodor is “the fluffiest” red toy poodle with the best taste in outfits. He loves to rock articles of clothing that shows off his strong and individual fashion choices (like his personal embroidered jean jacket) that make us love him even more! One of his favorite accessories is the Bergan® Comfort Sitting Dog Booster; it offers him a great view and keeps him secured. This is important for a dog who enjoys traveling to different locations to try something new and meet new people like Justin Bieber!

After a long day, there is nothing better than to get on social media and see these cute petworking accounts and see a sneak peek into their awesome lives!