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Show Your Pet Some (Extra) Love

Vday (2)There is nothing better than the look of pure joy your pet gives you when you buy him a new awesome toy, give him an extra of his favorite treat or take some time to cuddle him on the couch. We think Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for showing your pet a little extra love.

Buy The Ridiculously Awesome Toy

We know you probably have a bin full of your pet’s favorite toys and that you get tired of picking the discarded favorite of the day up, but there is nothing like the smile he gets from rooting around in your pet store bags. Brighten up your pet’s day by trying out a new toy he doesn’t have. Here are a couple of our favorites.

  • Dog:
  • Cat:
    • Turbo Scratcher®- The ball will never stop spinning on this toy that doubles as a scratching pad.  
    • Turbo® Catnip Belly Toys- Adorable plush animals that have a hidden pouch of catnip to keep your kitty batting it around for hours.

Fuel Their Love Of Nature

No one loves long walks more than your dog, but sometimes the February weather can keep you a little too cooped up. Take some extra time to show him you haven’t forgotten his love for a good hike through the park. If the weather isn’t cooperating, spend some quality time playing with your pup in front of a toasty fire.

If your cat doesn’t venture outside, you can still show his curiosity for nature some love with the purchase of a cat tower or window perch. These items will provide your cat with a view better than the nature channel.

Spend Some Time On Their Pearly Whites

February is Pet Dental Health Month so there is no better time to give extra attention to your pet’s smile. Your pet’s teeth should be checked once a year by a veterinarian to help prevent and detect periodontal disease. The best prevention is brushing his teeth regularly to remove dental plaque. Taking care of your pet’s pearly whites can help him live a longer, healthier life.

Keep Them Stylin’

Fashion is forever changing and who doesn’t love an updated look? Keep your furry friends rocking the runway with these styles:

  • Dog:
    • K9 Explorer®- Keep your explorer ready for the next great adventure with collars, leashes and harnesses that combine outdoor fashion with reflective safety.
    • Ribbon- The fashionable pattern options will allow your pup to show off his personal style.
  • Cat:
    • Safe Cat® Fashion- More than 20 cute, classy and fun patterns will allow your cat’s personality to shine. 
    • Safe Cat® Glow In The Dark- These fashionable patterns charge during the day to glow all night for added safety.

 No Begging Needed, Give The Extra Treat

Those eyes are just begging for you to reach into the bag and pull out an extra treat. Giving him a bonus snack is sure to reward you with an extra slobbery kiss, or 10 additional minutes of cuddle time.