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History of Morris Animal Foundation


It was the late 1930s when Dr. Mark Morris Sr., veterinarian and small animal practitioner, realized he had a problem. He was diagnosing kidney disease with alarming frequency in his veterinary practice, more than he had seen in the past. He began carefully looking at each dog’s environment and came up with a startling conclusion; dogs were eating large amounts of poor quality protein, which was producing too much waste for their kidneys to process. The end result was kidney failure.

Dr. Morris’s solution was to formulate his own diet, which he and his wife Louise made in their kitchen. The diet grew in popularity and eventually Dr. Morris partnered with Burton Hill and Hill Packing Company of Topeka, Kansas, to help produce the diet on a larger scale. Not long after, Prescription diet k/d was born.

Dr. Morris’s own experience told him that there was a need for scientific inquiry into diseases affecting pet animals. He envisioned an organization that would fund health research for animals, so he worked out an agreement with Hill that the royalties of one half-cent of each can would go into a special fund. In 1948, the Buddy Foundation was established, renamed Morris Animal Foundation in 1962.

Since 2010, Coastal Pet has supported Morris Animal Foundation and increased donations starting in 2013 through sale of its Pet Attire Styles Orange Brown Tan pattern collar, harness and leash. Donations from Coastal Pet help to support research programs at the foundation.

To date, Morris Animal Foundation has invested more than $100 million toward 2,400 studies that have improved the health and quality of life for dogs, cats, horses and wildlife worldwide. These studies have led to better preventions, diagnostic tools, treatment protocols, and even cures to benefit animals worldwide. Some of these breakthroughs have become industry gold standards and are used in every veterinary practice in the country.