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Happy Healthy Cat Month

Happy Healthy Cat MonthWe know you’re spoiling your feline friends every month, but show cats a little extra love in September for Happy Healthy Cat Month.

Grab the laser light, it's play time: Play is crucial to having a happy and healthy cat. Having a variety of toys available for your cat will help ensure he doesn’t get bored and is stimulated each time he plays. Setting aside time to engage in play with your cat can help strengthen your bond. Play time helps provide him the exercise he needs to stay fit and healthy.

Nature is natural: The cats’ ancestry is rooted in the great outdoors and that need hasn’t left the domesticated house cat no matter how comfy he may look on that plush pillow. An indoor cat can be taken outside on a harness and leash, which will provide him a secure way to investigate the outside under your supervision. A cat unable to go outside can benefit from a catio, an outdoor enclosure that he can spend supervised time in. Other indoor cat parents may find that providing a perch by a window will help give their cat the freedom to look outside and be engaged by the surrounding nature. Cats love to munch on grass in the wild, so bring the outdoors inside with live cat grass or catnip.  

Open up and say ‘Meow’: Regular visits to the vet will ensure your cat is healthy and give him the preventative care he needs to prevent diseases. A vet should be able to catch and treat ailments as they arise. Vets can assist with questions you may have about your cat’s health and provide guidance.

No one likes a missing pet flyer: No one likes to think about the possibility of losing their pet, but some cats know how to make a quick escape while your guard is down. Take precautionary measures by making sure he is microchipped or wears a collar with an ID tag on it. Having identification will help ensure he is returned as quickly as possible when he’s found.

Staring at the bowl will make it refill: A well-balanced diet of a high quality food will provide your cat the nutrients he needs with none of the extra fillers. A healthy diet combined with exercise will ensure he is a healthy weight. Monitoring the amount of treats he has will help him maintain an ideal weight.  

There’s always room for one more: Cats are social animals and can benefit from having a buddy to play and socialize with. If you have adequate space for an additional cat and the time to properly introduce one into your home adopting a new furry friend may be purrfect for you and your cat.

Pamper away; it may get you extra kitty cuddles.