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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

It’s that time of year where we break out the hoodies, sweaters and scarves and start enjoying s’mores, hot chocolate and bonfires. This might be one of our favorite seasons but I’m pretty sure it’s one of our dog’s favorite seasons as well. With fall comes cooler temperatures which means more outdoor walks, more marshmallows falling off the counter and ultimately more adventures for them – sounds like a slice of dog heaven. Here are a few things you can do this fall to ensure it’s your pup’s favorite time of the year.

Pick of the Patch

Fall is often signaled by the appearance of pumpkins and one of the best fall adventures is searching for your own pumpkin. Why not find a local pumpkin patch that allows dogs on the premises? This way you and your pup can pick your favorite pumpkins together. Plus, the pictures of your pup enjoying the fields are bound to be adorable. Don’t forget to keep your pup on a leash during this outdoor activity, you never know what farm animals will pique your dog’s curiosity.

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Hay Rides

Your family and friends can all enjoy a scenic or spooky ride behind a tractor. Your dog would love to ride shotgun on this adventure. They are sure to enjoy all the new sights and smells.

88 Kobalt Haystack And The Pumpkin Patch

Crunchy Leaves

Fall is full of mostly great activities but those of you who are home owners understand the struggle that comes with falling leaves. Raking can be a dreaded task but with a dog around it can be fun. Rake all the leaves together and put a small amount into that summer kiddy pool that is laying around. All you have to do is hide some toys in the leaves for your pup to find. Make sure you remove all the sticks so there are no unexpected surprises during your dog’s leaf adventures. Take pictures as they discover the joys of crunchy leaves!

Fall Ribbon Houndstooth

Play Dress Up

Howl-oween is coming quick so it’s time to find the perfect costume for you and your furry friend!

Beth Kreiner Halloween

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

While your baking pumpkin pies and drinking pumpkin spice lattes don’t forget about a major part of your family – the dog. We know those begging puppy eyes can be so hard to say no to, so why not make them their own special fall treat? Look at these no-bake pumpkin treats your dog is sure to love. 

Over the Mountain and Through the Woods

To the campsite we go! The cool weather is perfect for hiking and camping. A lot of campsites are now dog friendly so your k9 explorer doesn’t have to miss out on the adventures. They can fish, hike and even swim with you without getting overheated.

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Have some great fall adventures planned for you and your pup? Share them with us on Instagram, @coastalpetproducts, or Facebook, @coastalpetproducts. We want to see what adventures you came up with this season.