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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Grooming Tips and Tools for Small-Breed Dogs

From Yorkies to Chihuahuas, small-breed dogs delight us with their petite size, fun personalities, and, of course, adorable looks. But just like these compact canines need smaller harnesses, collars, and coats, it’s also crucial to use grooming tools sized just for them. Brushes and combs designed for larger breeds may scare a smaller dog and will be too cumbersome to maneuver around their little bodies, making the process more stressful for you and your dog.

Here are a few other tips to keep your small dog’s fur in top shape while making the process less stressful for you both.

Top 9 Tips to Keep Your Dog's Fur in Top Shape

  1. Because small dogs are energetic, Animal Planet recommends playing for 15 to 20 minutes before the grooming session to tire them out a bit; alternatively, conduct the grooming session after a day at doggy day care.
  2. If a puppy or small dog is new to grooming, introduce each tool with treats as a reward, recommends The Spruce Pets. Also, for puppies, keep grooming sessions short but frequent.
  3. Brush from the head, moving toward the tail and down the leg.
  4. Always brush in the direction of hair growth. Exception: When it’s time to fluff the fur, for those breeds that require it, comb in the opposite direction.
  5. To detangle, use a comb like the Li’l Pals® Double-Sided Comb. Start with the wider-spaced teeth until the comb runs through smoothly. Then comb small sections of the coat until the fur is tangle free. Finish with the other side of the comb, where teeth are spaced closer together.
  6. De-shedding can enhance your dog’s look and comfort as well as keep fur off your furniture. With the Li’l Pals Shedding Comb, comb starting at the head and working toward the tail. Then, comb behind the ears, at the base of the tail, under the legs, at the nape of the neck, and the abdomen. Repeat the process until all loose hair is removed.
  7. To remove mats, use a special brush like the Li’l Pals Slicker Brush With Coated Tips. Brush one section at a time in long, gentle strokes that continue beyond the ends of the hair. Pay attention to areas where matting typically occurs, such as behind the ears, on the loins, and under the legs.
  8. Keep their coat smooth by using a bristle brush. Begin brushing at the head, working toward the tail and down the legs. Use long, flowing strokes to distribute natural oils from the skin.
  9. When bathing your dog, brush them first, Animal Planet advises, otherwise the fur will tighten up and be hard to brush afterward.

Tools of the Trade

Grooming is an important step in properly caring for your pet, and many dogs enjoy the process. To make it easy on both of you, Coastal Pets’ Li’l Pals line includes brushes and combs designed specifically for smaller breeds. Each comes with an easy-grip handle.

To see these tools in action and see more tips for brushing your smaller dogs, check out our Petite Pet Grooming video series.

Trendy Fashions to Wow at the Dog Park

From New York to Milan, February means Fashion Week. And as supermodels strut the runway dressed in Givenchy and Prada, pups are flaunting their own flair with the latest colors and patterns in neckwear at dog parks across the country.

Whether your dogs fancy themselves fashionistas or just want to keep up with the bulldog down the block, Coastal Pet Products’ latest collars, leashes, and accessories boast trendy looks that can elevate the style cred for canine and human alike.

“For many pet owners, their dogs are a reflection of their own lifestyles, so we draw inspiration for our collars, harnesses, and leashes from the popular elements of everyday life, from interior design to men’s ties to, yes, the fashion catwalk,” says Cathy LeDonne, Product Development Product Manager for Coastal Pet.

Here’s a look at our newest offerings:

Collar Patterns That Spark a Smile

Kmephotomn 2@kmephotomn modeling Resolve

First, we’re giving some of our most popular Styles Adjustable Dog Collars an update. Plaid Bones retains its popular bright blue hue and always-fashionable dog bone pattern, but now boasts the plaid that’s back in style and lighting up Instagram. Our Resolve collar, featuring alternating diagonals of bones, arrows, pawprints, and hearts, has been upgraded with a teal colorway reflecting the latest home décor accents.

Resolve collars are as pleasing to the soul as they are to the eye, with proceeds from the sale of each going to Leader Dogs for the Blind. Coastal Pet has a similar commitment with our Outreach collar, whose proceeds are donated to the Morris Animal Foundation; the perky circles of blue and green in this pattern directly reflect design elements from the Foundation.

Styles collars are smooth and comfortable, with a pattern on both sides. Color-coordinated hardware includes a contoured snap-lock buckle that’s both sleek and easy to use. Ten additional patterns range from fun to flirty to match every dog’s personality.

Comfy, Color-Blocked Collars and Leashes

Inspire Coming Soon

Not into patterns but still want a bit of zip? Coastal Pet’s newest collection, Inspire™, combines comfort and functionality with just the right amount of style. We’re enhancing nylon webbing with a black neoprene backing. The effect of the black against the bright, solid-colored webbing (available in blue, red, pink, purple, teal, and goes-with-anything gray) elevates the look of the collars and leashes while preserving utility. What’s more, the puffy neoprene provides a soft cushion around the dog’s neck and around the user’s wrist and hand.

Inspire collars feature a moving D-ring that allows for freedom of attachment anywhere around the neck. A matching harness includes an additional handle on the back to provide increased control when necessary.

Collar Accessories

Don’t forget the embellishments! Just as a dramatic necklace or the perfect pair of cufflinks can make or break an outfit, accessories help your dog’s personality shine. Our new Accent® lineup starts with a soft-and-sumptuous microfiber collar that is comfortable yet durable. Then, dress it up with a dashing bowtie or sprightly flower in one of five bold colors. Choose from a Red collar with red plaid bowtie, Boho Blue with polka-dot bowtie, Mod Black with leopard-print bowtie, Vintage Yellow with yellow flower, or Posh Pink with pink flower.

Each embellishment has an elastic backing for easy adjustment and removal, so you have freedom to dress up or dress down for every occasion. Rose gold hardware adds an additional level of sophistication to these stylish collars.

Is your dog runway-ready? Browse all of our collar, leash, and accessory designs here.

Kmephotomn 9@kmephotomn modeling an Accent Microfiber Collar