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Brand Ambassador Spotlight: My Dog Stink

Have you seen the photos we’ve posted on social media or in the 2018 Fall Supplemental catalog of the little dog on the beach sporting the new Pro Waterproof Harness? If you haven’t, you need to; if you have, that’s Stink!

Posing _stink

Stink is a soon-to-be 9-year-old Jack Russell who lives on the beaches of Florida. 5 years ago, Stink’s dad was checking out the free section on Craigslist looking for air conditioning parts. Much to his surprise, there was a sweet, 4-year-old dog whose family no longer wanted him listed for free. Stink’s mom, Sara, said he was a wild child, which was toned down after being neutered within the first week of living with his new family.

If you’re like me, you’ve wondered to yourself, how do you come up with a name like Stink? As it turns out, years before Stink was in their lives, his mom and dad were thinking about funny things to name a dog. The two thought of Stink and it stuck! Stink’s personality just fit the name perfectly.

On his Instagram, @mydogstink, you will often see Stink with at least one of two things: crabs or his girlfriend, Hula. Stink is obsessed with crabs! He can frequently be seen digging them up and barking up a storm after. As it turns out, Stink traded one habit for another – he used to be obsessed with birds. He would constantly try to catch them on the shoreline, nearly pulling Sara’s arm off in the process. One day, she tossed a small shell down a crab hole and he never looked back. You can also see stink with his girlfriend, Hula. It was love at first sight three years ago when Hula was just a puppy. Hula was born in the woods, so she gained excellent survival skills. On the other hand, Stink doesn’t always know when to move out of the sun when he gets too hot. They do say opposites attract!

Hula _and _stink

In addition to crabs and Hula, stink loves digging in the sand and swimming in the ocean. If he’s not at the beach, he loves running next to bicycles and playing with squeaky toys. He also loves when his toys are hidden, and Sara asks, “where is it?” He does everything he can to find that toy! Stink is also a professional treat beggar, especially for cheese. How could you say no to that face?

Currently, Stink has over 26,000 followers on Instagram. It all began back in 2015 with a full iCloud account. Sara wanted a way to preserve pictures of him, so a friend guided her along the way and taught her about social media and Instagram. Little by little, her “original 7” followers grew with the use of hashtags and with winning a few Instagram contests.

With the fame of Instagram comes “stinking” cute merchandise. Stink’s photos have not only been used for pencil cases and notebooks, but he was also Mr. January in Pooping Pooches 2018 calendar! You guessed it, that’s a calendar dedicated to pictures of pooches going number 2. Good news though if you would love a calendar without any bodily functions, Sara just put together a Stink calendar for 2019. The link to the calendar can be found on his Instagram profile.

Stink _merch

When asked what they love most about being part of the Coastal family, Sara said Stink loves all of the amazing gear and toys he’s received. Stink and Hula can be seen on Instagram sporting the new Pro Waterproof line and playing with their Fetch toys. Sara hopes we come out with a soft bristle paw cleaner as well as cooling shirts or bug protection outfits.

If you need your day brightened in any way, Stink can help. Whether it be cute smiles in costumes, crab digging with his butt in the air, or just swimming in the ocean, photos from @mydogstink never disappoint.

Crabby _stink

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