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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Social Petworking

I don’t know about you, but I find myself scrolling through my various social media accounts throughout the day. There’s life updates from friends, news stories, but most importantly, pet accounts to awe and laugh over. It’s hard to even scroll through any of your social media feeds and not see at least one pet picture or video, which most of us will stop and enjoy. Well, the entire month of June is dedicated to recognizing all the pets that have joined social networking and bring us those quick little moments of joy during our scrolling sessions. Thankfully at Coastal Pet, we are able to work closely with a few of these accounts and stare at their cute pictures all day! We randomly chose 5 of our models out of a hat so we could shine a spotlight on some of our furrends!

Royalsdiary 19


One of our favorite dynamic duos has to be Royal and Ruby, two Labrador retrievers, who make any environment look like a runaway or the perfect spot for a photoshoot! They’re down to wear basically anything, especially if it’s pink or have a photoshoot anywhere if food is somehow involved. One of their favorite products is the Comfort Wrap® Harness which makes their walks and photoshoots easier and more enjoyable.

Nala _the _bengal 5


Nala challenges the stereotype of how a cat behaves. While she does enjoy her time inside playing with her Mega Turbo™ Scratcher, you’ll most likely find her outside exploring, hiking, climbing trees, riding boats or burying her paws in the sand at the beach. She relies on her Figure “H” Adjustable Cat Harness to support her worldly explorations and captaining of her boat and family to safety.

Travels _of _bella 28


If you need Bella, you definitely won’t find her at home! She is busy discovering every inch of the Oregon mountain side and forests. Her K9 Explorer® Reflective Padded harness is a constant companion during her adventures and camping trips. Her puppy eyes are hypnotizing and can convince anyone to do whatever Bella wants—from longer walks to more treats. She likes her paws down in the dirt, but she won’t turn down being picked up and held occasionally.

Opietheflamester 13


Being surrounded by a lot of your favorite toys doesn’t sound like a terrible life, but especially when you have a brother to constantly play with! Can we have your life Opie? All kidding aside, Opie is a cat who likes his options which is why the Turbo Transform It!™ is a favorite due to Opie’s ability to adjust it to fit his mood and how willing he is to share the fun with his brother, Binx. In order to keep his energy high for his crazy play time, Opie also enjoys the occasional power nap and cuddle session.

Chihuahua .campanita 3


Have you ever wanted a pocket sized best friend? Campanita is the perfect match for you then! She is always there to help with anything, from morning yoga, laundry, snuggles in bed or early morning coffee breaks. Campanita is most comfortable in her Li’l Pals® Comfort Mesh® harness that allows her to easily jump between her favorite activities while still being the cutest Chihuahua around.

These are only a few of the great accounts we get to work with and the accounts available for your enjoyment. So, put on your comfiest pair of PJs, nestle into your spot on the couch, and scroll through some of the social petworking accounts for endless amounts of happiness!

Don't Forget - It's Pet Appreciation Week!

I’m used to the usual puppy dog eyes during dinner but lately, I’ve been getting one too many pitiful eyed looks from my dog. Let me get one thing straight, they aren’t sad looks, “I’m hungry” looks or just the usual “I want to play” looks. These are different. It’s a “you forgot something and I’m going to make you feel guilty” kind of look. Bad thing is? I didn’t know what I should be feeling guilty over until I looked at my calendar. In big, bold font was written Pet Appreciation Week. How had I forgot? Who knows! According to my dog’s glances, I should have set alarms, had an airplane write it in the sky and spared no expense when it came to pampering her all week long. If you’re like me and missed the not-so subtle clues from your pet, worry no more. I’ll spare you the added guilt and share my Pet Appreciation Week ideas with you. Pick one, pick them all or succumb to your dog giving you the death stare while you sleep – your choice!



You can never go wrong with toys. I have yet to find a dog whose ears don’t perk up at the sound of a new squeaky toy. If you have a swimmer who can’t get enough of the water, the new Rascals® Fetch Toys or the Rascals® Mesh Fiesty Flappers ™ will make a great addition to their toy chest. These toys are not only great for a game of fetch and keep away, but they also float in water. Maybe these toys are too big for your pup? The Li’l Pals® Replaceable Squeaker Toys offer unlimited fun with vibrant colors, engaging shapes and easy access to a replaceable squeaker. We didn’t forget our feline friends. The Turbo Scratcher® is the ultimate gift any cat could want but if you already have one, try the new Transform It!™ Corrugate Toys. These toys fit perfectly inside the Turbo Scratcher® center and transform into four different shapes!

Moses Snuggle


The way to my heart and my furry friends’ is food. Around my house, “good food = good mood” isn’t just a saying, it’s a motto we live by. Try giving your furry friends a new type of treat or a special meal. If you need any ideas try checking out a few of these links:

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Dog Treats:

Strawberry Treat

These treats, from the The Cottage Market, are a delicious frozen treat for your dog.

Frosty Breath Dog Treats:

Frosty Treat

These treats, from the Three Little Farms, are made with coconut oil and herbs to help freshen your pup's breath!

Banana Meowsicles:


These delicious cat treats, from the Cravings of a Lunatic, are a fun way for your cat to cool off this summer.

Frozen Salmon and Sweet Potato Cat Treats:

Salmon Treat

These delicious cat treats, from the 12 Tomatoes, are packed full of healthy ingredients, without skimping on taste.

New Gear

Get rid of the old, dirty collars and leashes and replace them with fun, vibrant patterns that show off your pet’s personality! There is gear for every lifestyle and personality. Pick the statement that best describes you and your pet to figure out what type of gear to gift them.

I like the casual stroll around the neighborhood but prefer to stay close to home.

I like to find adventure wherever I go. Whether mountain, lake or desert I am ready.

Nightly walks allow me to clear my head and relax before getting ready for bed.

Eco-friendly is where it’s at. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

My fashion sense is always tingling. I like to follow new trends and make a bold statement.

Running, biking and swimming. That’s more my speed.

Hand-made and American-made really speak to me.

Have any other ideas of how to show your appreciation this week? Leave them in the comments to help the next person who forgot what week it is! As for me, I’m thinking a combination of some new toys, good treats, lots of love and a long walk! She won’t be able to resist my persuasion.